Scoutmaster’s message from Tim Benjamin, 2016

As Scoutmaster, I would like to expand a little bit on our successful conclusion to this year’s camporee.  I am extremely proud of our ENTIRE Troop.  The results of the camporee was a testament to the dedication of our troop.  This was demonstrated from senior leadership down to the newest scout and from all adult leaders/parents who directly participated over the weekend to those who could only help in the preparations.  This was a great team effort and that effort paid off again this year. 
Troop 941 has now won best overall troop three consecutive camporees.  We have set a high expectation to meet moving forward.  The Fall camporee next year will definitely have more troops and the competition will be much stiffer.  As you discuss the success of the camporee with your son, please emphasize the learning lesson that success takes hard work and preparation and it was that which directly translated to the results.   
See everyone tomorrow to celebrate our boys rank advancements and earning of merit badges.  

Timothy Benjamin