Get Ready for Summer Camp!

Get ready for Summer Camp!

If you are going to summer camp make sure you attend the June 4th Troop meeting for more details.  During the meeting, we will cover the itinerary, expectations of scouts and adults, and procedures

Please bring  the following completed health forms in triplicate to this meeting the health officers will be there to collect these.

All scouts must bring the money to deposit into their bank.  We recommend $100 and please bring the money in SMALL BILLS (5’s and 10’s are fine).  The bank will not have change and it is unfair to ask the treasurer to get change for 35 scouts.  If you do not want your scout running around camp with large bills please be sure to bring in small bills.  High adventure boys do not need to bring their money, the high adventure adult leader will handle this.

  • Please wait until after this meeting to purchase merit badge books. The troop librarian will be at this meeting with the troop library of merit badge books.  Scouts will be able to check out books.  You will have plenty of time to order any books we do not have.
Please click here to download the summer camp information packet.  Copies have already printed out to be handed out at the meeting.